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Spacial Audio Solutions - SAM Broadcaster

Spacial - SAM Broadcaster

Special shoutcast modules and plugins ( Joomla 3.0 - 2.5 and Joomla 1.5 ) for exclusive JoomlaWebRadio by KessefBR. Innovative solutions using free software. Efficiency and experience !

Módulos e plugins especiais e exclusivos para WebRádios em Joomla by KessefBR, inovando em soluções com uso de software livre. Eficiência e experiência ! Há 7 anos com Joomla !

>> NEW - Download DJ Display ( HTML5 Shoutcast Player )

>> Download mod TurboPlayer ( kessefturboradio )

>> Download mod Player ( kessefwebradio )

>> Download mod DJ webradio ( ModLocutor  )

>> Download mod Kessef PopUpRádio ( popupradio  )

>> Download mod Top10 music list ( kesseftop10 )

>> Download mod Icons Players ( kessefplayersicons )

>> Download mod Kessef TimedProgram ( RÁDIO SCHEDULE )

>> Download Kessef MegaKit ( complete JoomlaRádio Kit  )  


Dear friend and customer. Attention! There are scammers in internet, trying copying and cloning my commercial modules without my permission. The real modules, unique to rádios in Joomla, you only find here on this site, by Kessefbrasil ( ). With full support, guarantee and version upgrades. Caution ! Work in 7 years with Joomla and I have no partners from another site ( modules in joomla ) I am not responsible for clone módules and pirated copies on other sites.


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